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Advantages of virgin plastic

In this era where there is a colossal amount of spotlight on sustainability and renewable resources, it is hard to understand why any product is made with virgin plastic. For certain products and applications, virgin materials can be a better choice. In order to understand why a manufacturer would choose one kind of plastic over the other, first, you should understand the terms virgin and recycled. Virgin means the resin manufactured directly from the petrochemical feedstock, like natural gas or crude oil, which has never been used before. Recycled can mean different things. Post-consumer is the right term.

For example, a plastic carton is washed, reground and pelletized into new post-consumer material. Post-industrial is recycled plastic that never left the manufacturing place and therefore never made it to the customer. For competence and to keep the costs low, manufacturers try to maintain zero waste during the production process. They will recycle extra material, scrap pieces, or anything that is not good enough to go to the consumer.

According to the method, which is used to recycle, the post-consumer is the least clean among the three materials listed before because of the fluctuation in the feedstock. Even with combining, the overall strength will be increased but it never can achieve the mechanical properties of virgin materials. The degeneration of these properties has a direct effect on safety factors and long-term performance measures. This does not mean that recycled plastics cannot be used in various applications but it has lower safety ratings. If something is made from recycled plastic, it is more sustainable than things made from virgin plastic.

Every manufacturer must think about several variables when choosing whether to use recycled or virgin material. To design a product one can use recycled materials efficiently and safely. When plastic is processed, it undergoes heat and pressure. Heat is applied to liquefy in order to mold it and pressure is applied to form the liquid into the desired and consistent shape. Heat and pressure put a strain on the molecular structure of the plastic and more it is recycled weaker the molecular structure becomes. Virgin plastic is more durable on the molecular level when compared to recycled plastic.

Another advantage of recycled plastic is that you will get it at less price. Pellets made from recycled plastic will be more fragile than pellets made from virgin plastic. So even if you purchase pellets made from recycled resins there is only less chance of getting a return on investment. The strength and durability of pellets made from recycled plastic cannot be trusted, as the recycled resins will have material variability, which makes it strong today weak tomorrow or vice-versa.

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